Frequently Asked Questions

So:Com reads PCSX2's memory and pulls the stats out that way. Socom II's network traffic is encrypted and till everyone starts playing in patched (harry62's r0005 patch) rooms there's no way around this.

The only information that So:Com keeps is the following:

  • Registration information - User name, the password you entered and your email account.
  • Any data you supply the program. Private messages (ones that are sent in the program) and game stats.

If you wish to have your account deleted feel free to message me on discord and provide your user name and email address. 1UP#6405

Registration is required so stats that are logged are tied to a person. Other features of the program are also tied to a person. See the features page for more information on everything this program does.

While cheating can't be stopped 100%, harry's patch stops most people from being able to cheat along with adding features to the game like ranks and clan tags. This program uses his custom functions to write out your rank and clan tag from the program. You are not required to play in a patched room however. This will work in normal rooms.